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We design simple, yet stunning websites for small businesses.

how we differ

Quick. Professional. Affordable.


Our average turnaround time for a web development project is between 5 - 10 business days. Expect to your new website to be live within 2 weeks.


Our friendly, hardworking staff has more than 8+ years of professional web development and design experience. We're very accommodating and pay attention to detail for all customer inquiries.


We understand that small businesses have tight budgets. Our experience enables us to work more efficiently and provide cheaper quotes compared to other web design companies.

The Benefits of Having a Website

As a business owner, you understand that you’re not the only company that provides the products and services you offer.

Your customers have plenty of options to choose from.

So how do you stand out from your competition? A high-quality website is an excellent place to start.

As a consumer yourself, you might understand the importance of a website. For example:

  • When you’re trying to decide where to eat out, you’ll visit a few restaurant websites to explore their menus
  • When you need to purchase something, you’ll visit the store’s website to see if the item is in stock
  • When you are in need of a service, you want to find out more information about a service provider from their website
A website is a tool that can help your audience become more familiar with your brand, and learn more about what you offer. But more importantly, a website serves as an opportunity to convince your audience to do business with you.

A high-quality website is a key to success for all businesses.

Our Work

We're committed to high-quality work. Check out some of the projects we've worked on!
" The team was very professional, organized, and went above and beyond to get what I needed. "

Our Process

Our process is very simple! Here is what you can expect from from start to finish:

1 ➤ To get started, review the proposal we send you, sign the contract, and pay the initial 40% deposit.

2 ➤ We’ll book an introductory call where we can help you set up a domain / web hosting + go through the project details together and set expectations.

3 ➤ We’ll give you access to a Client Portal where you can upload logos, images, text, and add to-do items for our team to address throughout the project duration.

4 ➤ We’ll begin the web design project. The project will take between 5 – 10 business days to complete. Throughout that time, we’ll send you a few drafts for you to review and provide feedback.

5 ➤ We’ll make adjustments to the site in accordance to your feedback. Unlimited revisions.

6 ➤ Once you are satisfied with the website, we’ll officially launch the website. An invoice will be issued to you for the remaining 60% balance.