6 Social Media Tools That Will Boost Your Online Presence

Social Media Tools

If you’re serious about growing your blog, then you need to start using social media tools!

Marketing through social media is the best way to get new visits and returning visits to your blog. If you remain active and interact with your readers on social media, it’ll help expose your blog to as much of the internet as possible!

The only downsides to social media are that social media accounts can be hard to grow and even very time consuming to manage. Getting social media shares on your posts can be tough as well. However, there are many tools that help make it easier. In fact, many of the top social media marketers rely on social media tools to efficiently and effectively reach out to their audiences.

Most of the tools I mention in this will barely require any effort and will a huge difference in the growth of your online presence.

Here’s my social media tools list:

1. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a popular plugin used by many bloggers including myself. The plugin adds social media buttons to all of your posts/pages so that people can easily share your posts if they wish to do so.

They’re beautiful buttons too! Try finding them on this post! (and sharing of course)

If you want, you can turn on the share counter to show how many shares you received on your blog posts. Having a high number of shares can make your blog look more credible and influence even more shares!

Social Warfare offers a free version but I recommend using Social Warfare Pro because it’s inexpensive and it gives you access to more social media button options + a Pinterest “pin” button when your images are hovered + custom button designs, custom button placements + click tracking + much more.

Subscribe to Social Warfare Pro for just $29/year or check out the full features.

2. Milotree

Milotree plugin - Social Media Tools

Milotree is a plugin that adds a very interactive slide-out to your blog. You can connect it to your social media accounts or mailing lists and have a box pop out from the side as your visitors browse your site; helping you convert your blog visitors into followers, subscribers, or even customers.

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Milotree integrates with Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and a bunch of email marketing platforms.

It’s an inexpensive plugin too. For $9.95/month, you can get a lot of exposure for your social media accounts and new subscribers too. Totally worth the price.

Subscribe to Milotree today!

3. Tailwind

Tailwind Screenshot

Tailwind is a tool I absolutely can’t live without. It makes my life on Pinterest soo much easier!

Tailwind provides automated scheduling of posts, analytics, and content discovery options that can will help you grow your Pinterest and Instagram accounts significantly. This is especially useful if you have a new account and want a head start.

Since using Tailwind, I’ve gotten hundreds and sometimes thousands of shares on my posts from people repinning my post on Pinterest and Tailwind Tribes. I’m also able to check a bunch of different metrics in different time frames such as how many followers I gained, how many repins I received, and how many different people repinned my pins.

I’d love to talk more about that in this post but you can read the two posts below for more details:

Get Tailwind today to start growing your Pinterest and Instagram accounts!

6 Social Media Tools That Will Grow Your online Presence. Social Media Tips | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Tools Free | Social Media Tools for Bloggers #socialmediatips

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is also a tool that can help you schedule your social media content in advance, integrate RSS feeds, and learn through their free social media courses.

Since it integrates with popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram, you’ll be able to manage multiple social media accounts at the same time and also track your social media metrics.

Some cool Hootsuite features:

  • It comes with a dashboard called a “stream” which gives you updates on what’s happening in your social media accounts.
  • You can add your organization to Hootsuite and let other people from your work connect to your account. That way multiple people can manage your social media profiles at once.

The free version let’s you add up to 3 social media accounts and schedule up to 30 posts ahead of time.

Sign up for a free Hootsuiteaccount today.

4. Buffer

Buffer Screenshot - Social Media Tools

Buffer is very similar to Hootsuite except it’s a little less complex because there’s less features to work with. That’s why it’s my current social media scheduler of choice.

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I use Buffer to schedule all my Facebook and Twitter posts at the beginning of each week just in case I get busy during the week and can’t post.

I especially like that there’s an easy-to-use Google Chrome extension for Buffer that lets me easily share a page that I’m viewing at any given time.

The free version enables you to add up to 3 social media accounts and schedule up to 10 posts per account. Other plans will allow you to add more social media accounts and schedule more posts.

Create a Buffer account and download the Google Chrome Buffer extension to start scheduling your posts ahead of time too!

6. Linktree

Linktree - social media tools

Linktree is a tool that I use to turn my Instagram links into a page that features several of my chosen posts. Normally you only get one link on your Instagram but with Linktree, you can have as many as you want.

It’s an awesome tool if you want to gain more exposure to several posts rather than a single post on your blog from Instagram. You can even direct traffic to multiple landing pages if you want to convert your Instagram users into potential customers.

You can read my post on How to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Account to learn more about Linktree and its features.

Or try Linktree for free.

That’s it for my list! In my opinion, these are some of the best social media tools because they work really well for me and have saved me so much time and effort. I use them to implement my social media marketing strategy by scheduling all my posts a week ahead of time and then having time to focus on other things like writing new blog posts for the rest of the week.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite social media tools are and check out some of our blog marketing strategies!

6 Social Media Tools That Will Grow Your online Presence. Social Media Tips | Social Media Marketing | Social Media Tools Free | Social Media Tools for Bloggers #socialmediatips

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    1. Hey Shafi, MiloTree has no effect on website speed at all! In terms of user experience, the plugin is very subtle. It’ll make a tiny dent in user experience in exchange for social media followers. I see many bloggers using it!

  1. Awesome article keep it up in future and thanks for sharing with us. But Compared to other sharing plugins, Social Warfare Pro has outdone itself. No other social sharing tool can provide great features such as social optimization tools, twitter share count, click to tweet features, and twitter cards. I give this plugin thumbs up to its developers. It has been my choice, and have used it for years hence, am sure it will be yours too. Get it to maximize your WordPress website or blog experience.

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