How to Properly Use Yoast SEO to Get Organic Traffic

So, you’ve been conducting Keyword research for SEO properly right? You know—choosing a random focus keyword, making sure it appears in the title, the link, the alt text of your images, and all throughout your blog posts? All must be good.


You messed up when you chose that random focus keyword.

You see, Yoast SEO is just a guideline to show you how optimized your posts are for specific keywords. Unfortunately, if you’re using the wrong keywords, you won’t get any organic traffic at all, no matter how many green lights you have on Yoast SEO.

Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re writing a post about “beauty tips” and that’s the focus keyword you chose to use in Yoast. Well, if you do an “allintitle:” search on Google for the keywords “beauty tips,” which shows all posts indexed in Google with that includes those words in the title, it shows 466,000 search results. See below:

Yes, that means if you use beauty tips as your keyword, you’re competing with 466,000 other posts on the internet… and that’s only for the title.

Do you still think you’re going to get found on Google?

Now that we have a clear understanding of why Yoast SEO alone doesn’t bring you organic traffic, I’ll show you what supplementary measures you’ll need to get ranked higher in Google.

Conduct Keyword Research

It’s important to do keyword research before you write all of your articles.

Keyword research is a research process that involves identifying what keywords people are searching for when looking for specific subjects and how you can leverage those findings in your posts.

Conducting keyword research before every post will allow you to specifically target common search phrases on Google and other search engines so that your posts will get found more easily.

If you don’t want to spend all of your free time promoting your blog posts on social media and depending on that as your main source of traffic, you should do keyword research, as it will bring provide you with a growing source of reliable traffic from search engines.

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How to Properly Use Yoast SEO to Get Organic Traffic

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  1. Great break down! I really struggled with this when I first got things up and running! Thank you for making it all so simple!

  2. Great post as per usual, BRO. I’ve been experimenting with design change recently and it seems to be showing positive results so far. I think the structure element of this post will be very helpful for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

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