How to Post Large Image Links on Twitter Using Twitter Cards

Twitter is an excellent platform for interacting with others and promoting content from your website. But are you promoting your blog links the right way?

In this 2-minute tutorial, I’m going to show you how to turn image links that look like this:

Twitter Small Card

Into this:

Twitter Small Card

As you can clearly see, the link image in the second screenshot above is much bigger than the first. That’s because the link in the first screenshot is using a regular summary Twitter Card and the link in the second screenshot is using a Twitter summary card with a large image. You can learn more about Twitter Cards here:

Twitter – Optimize Tweets With Cards

Twitter uses meta tags from your posts to determine what kind of Twitter Card to use when you post a link.

Here’s how to go turn your summary card from small to large:

1. Install the Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is an SEO plugin that many WordPress bloggers use to optimize posts. You might even have it installed on your blog already. If you don’t, go to Plugins > Add New and search for Yoast SEO to install and activate it.

You’ll need Yoast SEO because it lets you easily edit metadata information, including metadata for Social Media.

2. Switch from Summary to Summary with Large Image

Yoast SEO Twitter Settings

You should now be able to find Yoast SEO on your left panel in WordPress. Go to Yoast SEO > Social and click on the Twitter tab at the top.

On this screen, there will be a drop-down menu that lets you switch from “summary” to “summary with large image.” Do that and save.

Annnnnnd you’re done! That was quick and easy, right?

If You Shared a Link Before:

If it’s not the first time you’re sharing a specific link to Twitter, it might still show a normal summary card for your links. If that’s the case, you can use the Twitter Validator Tool to refresh your links. Just go to the site and paste your link and click “preview card.” The preview will show you exactly how your link will look when you post it on Twitter.

Sometimes this tool is buggy though so you might have to click the “preview card” button a few times to get it to work.

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    1. Same here, as my blog is also in Blogger. I’ve been searching for weeks trying to figure this out with no luck. Please let me know if you run across a solution. I tried use the Twitter Ads approach, but they want you pay for a Twitter Card as a “promoted” tweet. I’m too far along with my blog to switch to WordPress.


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