7 Effective Ways to Get More Sales For Your Online Business

7 Ways to Get More Sales for Your Online Business

What would you do if you suddenly have more sales for your online business?

By conducting your online marketing correctly, you’ll definitely be able to convert more web visitors into actual sales.

As much as I’d like to tell you that there’s a one-size-fits-all marketing approach that works for all businesses, I’d just be lying because that simply isn’t true.

Different marketing tactics will produce different results depending on the business. That’s why I’m listing a bunch of different methods for your to try out and see what works for your business.

Let me know which ones work for you!

Here are 7  ways to drive more online sales for your business:

1. Start a Blog and Do Inbound Marketing

Many business owners overlook blogging because they feel it’s either too time-consuming or they just don’t see the benefits.

Well, I believe every business should start a blog.

In a nutshell, running a blog for your online business is important because it gives you a chance to show your knowledge and expertise, and not just show the products and/or services you offer. It also allows you to drive more traffic to your website via SEO which I’ll be discussing in tip #2.

By providing useful content that leads them closer to buying your product, you can increase your sales without having to contact potential customers yourself. Your audience will find you instead. This is called inbound marketing — letting your content do the selling for you while you spend your valuable time focusing on other things.

Inbound marketing works because it helps you establish trust with your target audience. Trust is the foundation of all sales and you’ll find that the more your audience trusts you, the more online sales you’ll get.

You can learn how to start a blog in my Ultimate Guide to Creating a WordPress Blog.

2. Invest Time in SEO

seo analytics more blog income

It’s hard to get more sales on your website when nobody can even find it. That’s a big problem with most online businesses. They don’t invest enough time in SEO so their pages are ranked very low in Google.

Since the number of sales you get is directly related to the amount of web traffic you get, you should take the time to research and implement various keywords that are relevant to your business so that your target audience can find your website and purchase your products. You don’t want them to find your competitors first and purchase their product instead.

The more keywords you’re ranked for, the more organic traffic you’ll get on your blog. Organic traffic could potentially become your biggest source of web traffic. By finding the best keywords for your site and strategically placing them around your website and blog, you are contributing to strong SEO. Do this enough and you’ll eventually get more people discovering you exist.

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SEO takes time but if you do it correctly, you’ll have passive traffic flowing to your site non-stop and that’s the ideal situation for any online business and will help you get more online sales for your business.

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Try reading my complete guide to on-page and off-page SEO and my article on how to conduct keyword research to learn more about how SEO can help your online business.

3. Interact With Your Audience On Social Media

Various social media platforms give you the chance to interact with your target audience and trust me, they’ll appreciate it because it shows you care about more than just making a profit.

Customer interaction is directly related with customer loyalty. Through social media, you can discover what your audience thinks about your products and services, gain valuable feedback on how to improve your business model, and also create conversations that can help you drive more sales to your business. Improving your relationship with your audience will help you drive more sales.

Facebook and Twitter are both very interactive social media platforms that you should be on so make sure you take some time to learn those. For more information, consider reading Forbe’s article on building your social media brand presence.

4. Target Influencers

blogger influencer girl on computer more blog income

All influencers have one thing in common: the ability to influence others to take a specific action. Yes, that includes buying your products and services.

The great thing about influencers is that most of them have huge social media presence or blogs with high traffic and guess what? They’re looking for brands to promote because that’s a huge part of how they earn a living. They could be popularizing your brand by advertising your products or services or writing a review for you.

Business-influencer relationships are usually a win-win for both parties because the business will be exposed to an audience that’s normally be out of reach, and the influencer gets paid for promoting. If you have products and services that you think will be interesting to specific influencers and their audiences, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact some of them. You’d be surprised how effective this method is.

A great way to get in touch with influencers is explained in this article by Kissmetrics: The Ultimate Guide to Targeting Twitter Users and Connecting With Influencers.

5. Feature Customer Reviews/Testimonials

If your customers had positive experiences with you and your business, you should be sharing those experiences on your website!

Not only will you be talking about how great your products are, but your past customers will be too. It’ll give an opportunity for past customers to express their positive opinion about your business and convince other potential customers of that too.

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If you genuinely believe that your products and services are great, you should request reviews from your customers and feature them on your website. Let others help you drive more online sales.

5. Showcase Past Projects

Featured Projects

Similar to reviews, showcasing past projects also does a great job in boosting sales in your online business.

If you’ve done projects for clients in the past, don’t be afraid to show your proud work on your website. People like to see examples of projects you’ve done so far for your other clients before making the decision of hiring you for your services.

Just a simple page that shows images or links to your work will do! You’ll see lots of graphic designers and web developers do this because it’s a tactic that works.

6. Collect Emails and Consistently Send Newsletters

Creating and growing your email list is a great way to get returning traffic on your website.

There are so many different types of emails you can send to your email subscribers; such as product updates, latest blog articles, or even promotions. The bigger your email list, the higher your chances of your visitors returning to your website and you receiving more online sales from it.

Collecting emails is simpler than you think. Consider it an exchange. If you offer your audience something worthy of them exchanging their email with you, then they’ll be more than happy to provide you with their email.

I find that the best way to do this is offering a freebie, such as an eBook or coupon code. Just make it valuable enough and you’ll get emails! You can do that with premium WordPress plugins.

I love to use is OptinCat because it’s much more affordable than other paid plugins and comes with similar features. Instead of paying $30+ per month for an email plugin, you pay $39 for the entire year with OptinCat.  You can read more about that in Optin Cat – An Affordable Optin Plugin For Getting Subscribers.

7. Listen to Feedback

feedback more blog income

When you get a negative online review, don’t take it as someone trying to sabotage your business (even though it can happen), you should learn from it instead.

People usually go out of their way to leave a bad review only when they’ve actually had a bad experience with a product or business. Yes, these are real reviews from upset people.

I understand that sometimes negative reviews can be hard to swallow but taking advantage of this feedback and making changes to your business will actually help your business improve and drive you more online sales in the future.

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7 Effective Ways to Get More Sales For Your Online Business

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