8 Effective Ways to Boost Your Blogging Motivation

At one point or another, every blogger experiences a loss of blogging motivation, including myself. Perhaps it’s because of how long it takes to turn a blog successful. Maybe it’s the feeling of not getting results we think we deserve.

If you’ve lost your blogger motivation, don’t sweat it! It’s times like these where we need to pick ourselves up, find our motivation and keep ourselves accountable to our goals.

I’ve prepared a few tips to help you boost your blogging motivation and become more motivated than ever before! By the end of this article, you’ll have the impenetrable will to blog on motivation alone.

1. Remember why you started blogging

You started blogging for a reason and you should always remember that reason.

Did you create a blog because you wanted to:

  • Work from home and make a side income?
  • Get more traffic to your business?
  • Establish a reputation for yourself?
  • Educate or help others?

Personally, I created this blog because I want to help others, build a reputation for myself, earn a sustainable passive income, and have the freedom of working for myself.

These goals give me the blogger motivation I need to keep researching and finding new ways to grow my blog and online income.

Why did you start blogging and what can you do to get there?

2. Read comments that your readers left on your blog

We tend to lose blogging motivation when we feel like our content isn’t making an impact on the audience we intended to target.

When this happens, try looking back at all the comments people wrote to you!

You must’ve racked up quite a few comments by now which include people complimenting you on how helpful your blog posts are or how awesome you are! It’ll also feel really nice to know you’ve received recognition for your hard work.

Check your comments and let your readers inspire and motivate you.

3. Take a look at how far you’ve come

We often think about how far we are from our goals and forget to think how far we’ve come.

Wouldn’t you agree that you’ve grown a lot mentally and became much better at blogging since you started? You might even have a ton more social media followers and newsletter subscribers too!

If that’s the case, you should be proud of yourself for getting this far because most bloggers fail from becoming too impatient and giving up too early.

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At the end of the day, you should realize that blogging is a never-ending learning journey and with every day that passes by, you’ll know more than the previous day.

Just imagine how much further you’ll be 1 year,  5 years, or even 10 years from now if you keep your blog going. You could possibly turn your blog into a full-time career! This future should give you a boost in your blogger motivation!

4. Look at other bloggers who inspire you

Think of a few successful bloggers that you look up to.

Now ask yourself how you think they got there.

That’s correct! They definitely didn’t get to where they are today by letting things like feeling “demotivated” get in the way of their goals, that’s for sure.

These bloggers put in an unbelievable amount of hard work and overcame many obstacles to get to where they are today. You need to do the same.

Don’t stop working and one day you can become a successful blogger that other bloggers look up to and rely on for their blogging motivation.

5. Make friends and keep each other accountable

There’s nothing better than a friend who always pushes you to do your best and become a better version of yourself.

I have a few friends that do that for me and I’m extremely thankful for it because sometimes when I don’t feel like writing and then see them working hard, it pushes me to do the same. It feels really nice to have the support of blogging buddies and to be able to give each other blogger motivation.

Having friends in your niche is also great for having someone to relate to so that when you’re struggling, they can understand what you’re going through.

To make friends in your niche, try joining Facebook groups to reach out to other people. Twitter is also a great way to engage with other bloggers, create new conversations, and make friends.

6. Keep yourself moving

It’s not always good to stay in the same spot for blogging because it can make you feel mentally and physically imprisoned.

When you’re lacking blogging motivation, maybe all you need is a change of environment?

Personally, I never like working in the same place for long periods of time so I’m constantly looking for new locations to work on my blog. I like working at cafes, or even outside when it’s nice out.

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Going outside, getting some fresh air, and looking for inspirations can definitely help boost your blogger motivation. You can also try different work spaces such as cafes, libraries or other public places.

By roaming around with your laptop, you might even find your new favorite spot to blog!

7. Create a schedule to prevent yourself from burning out

Working on your blog non-stop for extended periods of time is the easiest and most effective way to burn yourself out, and you don’t want to do that.

Instead, try creating a blogging schedule for yourself so you can balance blogging with the other activities in your life. Knowing what things you need to accomplish and when you need to accomplish them is a good way of keeping yourself motivated.

Even though schedules can’t force you to be accountable to your goals, it still acts as a good reminder for you and that’s sometimes enough to keep you going.

I usually spend my morning and afternoons doing other activities and then work on blogging after 9pm because I found that to be my most productive period for working on my blog.

Create a schedule that works for you!

We’ve recently launched our new calendar + daily planner in our shop that helps you keep track of your daily, weekly, and monthly goals and stay productive! Click the image below to purchase it for just $5.

8. Find ways to promote your blog

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, one of the reasons why we begin to get demotivated in the first place is because we’re not seeing the results we’re looking for. I think that as soon as we start seeing more results, the motivation comes back because there are numbers to back up our hard work.

That being said, here are a few links that you can check out to effectively promote your blog posts and get more readers:

Let me know what gives you blogging motivation in the comments and don’t forget to repin the image at the top to help motivate other bloggers!

How to Boost Your Blogging Motivation. Blogging motivation tips | Blogging Motivation

8 Effective Ways to Boost Your Blogging Motivation

16 thoughts on “8 Effective Ways to Boost Your Blogging Motivation”

  1. My life has been difficult, but now I am totally fine. We all face problems in our life that make us demotivated. And because of such blogs life, yours helped me a lot to stay motivated. Now I am happy with my life

  2. hey thanks for this even I am also demotivated by writing blog for 5 months but still, I didn’t receive constant traffic, can u tell me when I will get constant traffic to my site?

  3. Hi Stephen, thanks for this informative post.

    Yes, it takes a long time to achieve success with a blog and this is the reason why many bloggers quit.
    Remembering your why is the most crucial thing.

  4. Your writing helped me a lot to try.
    I hope this time i will get constant traffic.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this article with us.
    Let’s hope for the best.

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