Signing Up For Web Hosting + Purchasing Your Domain

To be able to run a blog, you’ll need somewhere to host your site. This is called a web host.

Choosing the right one is super critical because it will determine the speed, security, and level of customer support for your blog.

Speed is important because slow websites turn away readers. If you think about it, you’ve probably left numerous sites in the past because they loaded unbearably slow! You don’t want your readers to experience this.

Security is important because the last thing you want is for your site to get hacked and you lose all your hard-earned progress. A web host that prioritizes on security will be equipped with tools to keep your blog protected.

Customer support is important because as a new blogger, you might accidental touch something you’re not supposed to and cause your site to malfunction. You need a great team to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

All of the above being said, the web host we recommend for all new bloggers is Siteground because it’s affordable and it’s the best hosting provider for beginner bloggers (we’ve literally experimented with 7 other web hosts to figure this out).

Not convinced? Check out our article on why Siteground is the the best web hosting service for new bloggers.

If you’re ready to get started, click here to sign up for Siteground and get a discounted price of $3.95/mo on your first subscription period!

The landing page will give you three options to choose from. Choose the “Startup” option — it’s the cheapest and the only package you’ll need as a beginner blogger.

On the next screen, it’ll ask you to choose a domain name. This will be the URL of your website (ie.

Deciding a domain name can be quite difficult so it’s best to spend a bit of time thinking about it before choosing one. You can brainstorm a list of ideas and choose the name you think will best suit your blog if you’ve already found a blog niche.

It’s also a good idea to use a popular keyword in your domain name so that when people search for the keyword, your website will show up. Right now this site shows up in the number one spot when you type “Aspiring Bloggers” in Google!

When you’re ready, simply type in the domain you want and Siteground will check whether or not it’s available. In many cases, the domain you want might already be registered by someone else.

Click Proceed.

You’ll need to fill out some account, client, and payment information in the next step followed by purchase information.

When you’re done filling out the first three sections, let’s go over some options in the purchase information section:

Data Center: Choose a location that’s closest to where you think your readers will be located. The closer the servers are to your audience, the faster their connection speed to your site.

Period: Choose how long you want to prepay for. Remember, the $3.95 discount is only valid once so it’s best to purchase as many months as you can afford. When you renew, you’ll have to pay the full price of $11.95 per month.

Domain Privacy: Select this add-on option if you don’t want your personal information to be seen when others search up the details of your site. It’s not mandatory to add this to your site but some people prefer the privacy.

SG Site Scanner: This add-on enables an additional level of protection on your site to prevent hacks. Might come in handy if you’re interested, but I’ll have other articles that will show you how to protect your site.

After carefully selecting your options, click Pay Now to process your payment.

Congrats! You’re now officially a domain owner!

Proceed to the next lesson to install a content management system on your new site.


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