Interview with Michael – A Personal Finance Blogger From Toronto

Michael Kim is a personal finance blogger from Toronto, ON, Canada. He currently runs an online personal finance coaching business where he helps young professionals in Canada build their financial plans and learn how to invest their money.

Check out my interview with Michael below!

Tell us about yourself

Michael Kim - Personal Finance Blogger“My name is Michael Kim and I’m a creative stuck in an accounting profession. In my ideal world, I’d be by the beach sipping Pina Coladas while drawing, painting, and playing music!

You might be asking, ‘But isn’t accounting like the complete opposite of being creative?’


The reason why I became an accountant was so I could have control over my personal finances. I grew up with my fair share of family financial issues, which gave me a lot of anxiety. I also didn’t have anyone to teach me how to manage my money since my parents didn’t know how to do it themselves.

So even though I loved the arts, I needed to first understand how to manage my money. That’s why I decided to go to one of the top business schools in Canada, the Richard Ivey Business School to study accounting and finance. After 4 years and 90k+ of tuition I  graduated and got a typical 9-5 corporate job.

Although I learned how to manage my own money… people shouldn’t have to spend 90k+ tuition just to learn basic money skills!

And that’s why I started my business and personal finance blog Lifeplanting.”

What is your blog about?

Life Planting is a personal finance coaching business and blog where my goal is to help young professionals in Canada learn how to take control of their money and life. I talk about four main topics on how to manage, save, invest, and maximize your money!

A lot of personal finance bloggers talk about investing or how to budget but no one really talks about how to actually create a financial plan.

A financial plan includes how to budget and invest, but it also includes things like how to build better money habits, understand how taxes work, and how all of these different things fit together.

I love helping people build their financial plans because it’s really therapeutic to know what your life might look like in the future! I love seeing people go from being super stressed about student loans and buying a house, to oh… it’ll only take me 5 years to achieve XYZ.”

When and why did you start blogging?

“I officially started my blog in September 2019 because although I had control over my finances, a lot of my friends and family were really struggling. There’s a really negative stigma about money problems where no one wants to talk about it, which causes the problems to get even bigger!

I wanted to get rid of this dumb “don’t talk about money idea” and start the conversation. I started my blog to help my friends and family indirectly, by getting them to educate themselves about money and tackle their money problems head-on!”

So far, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a blogger?

“Growing my blog in the beginning phase was my biggest challenge. I’ve spent hours creating and sharing amazing content, but since no one knew me, I felt like I wasn’t making an impact.

This was really de-motivating because I started my blog to help people with their finances and positively impact their lives! But so far, the only people reading my blog were my two or three friends, probably out of pity!

I was just waiting for people to land on my blog and crossing my fingers that someone would find something useful. After a few months, I decided that this strategy wasn’t working and I wanted to start helping people NOW. That’s when I started to get on social media, start sharing my content,  and actually talk with people who needed my help! This grew my following exponentially and gave me the motivation to continue my blog and my business.”

What do you hope to learn or accomplish with your blog?

Michael Kim“With my blog, I want to continue to positively impact people’s lives by teaching them how to take control of their money and life!

About 6 months after I started my blog, I started to develop a strong relationship with my followers. Eventually, they started to ask how they could work with me directly to help them learn about their personal finances. Naturally, this led me to start personal finance coaching. In April 2020, I successfully launched and filled my one-on-one coaching program Plant Your Money, where I teach young professionals working in Canada on how to build a financial plan and invest their money.

This launch was a success because I put in the time to establish myself as an expert through my blog. I was able to establish real relationships with people while sharing my knowledge and experience!

Moving forward, I want to continue to grow my following through my blog and encourage more young professionals to learn about their personal finances.”

How do you balance your job/life and blogging at the same time?

“Being a blogger and a full-time employee is definitely difficult to manage but with these two tips, it is 100% do-able!

1) Batch Your Content

During the weekdays I am WAY too tired and brain-dead to do any content creation. That’s why I allocate one day on the weekend to write 2 – 4 articles for the next few weeks. Once you get into the writer’s groove you can push out content efficiently.

2) Automation

I would go crazy if I had to remember to publish an article, IG post, and FB post every day. That’s why I use automation to help me stay consistent and on schedule. WordPress and FB have their own scheduling system, and for IG I use Tailwind. It’s honestly the best feeling to forget you have something scheduled and you see it published automatically! It’s like having a virtual assistant!”

What methods do you use to drive traffic to your blog

“I primarily use social media (Instagram and Facebook) to drive traffic to my blog. Social media is a great way to start getting eyes on your content immediately rather than waiting for someone to land on your blog from Google. Once I establish a stronger social media following, that’s when I’ll focus more time on building up my SEO ranking.”

What has been the biggest accomplishment in your blogging journey so far?

“My biggest accomplishment in my blogging journey is the opportunity to positively impact the lives of my friends and family members. 

Money is such a “dark” subject that no one wants to talk about, but EVERYONE has money problems! My blog really helped start the conversation about money and motivate people to get their financial life in order! 

In just a short amount of time, I’ve had so many friends and family members reach out to me, thanking me for all my advice and encouragement! Making money through my business and blog is great, but the thing that really keeps me motivated and committed is the ability to positively impact more people and actually!”

Are there any other tips you can offer to new bloggers?

“A final tip for new bloggers is to have a vision and a purpose for your blog. You can produce content of your life or the food that you ate, but ask yourself why would other people care? Whatever topic you blog about, you should always be focused on providing value, solving a problem, and positively impacting someone else’s life with your content. By doing this, your blog will grow organically and you’ll develop loyal and amazing followers!”

I hope you enjoyed reading about Michael’s experiences with blogging and that it aspires you to keep working hard to achieve your blogging goals.

If you’d like to reach out to Michael for some personal finance advice, here’s his contact information:

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