Interview with Dawan – A Travel Blogger From Switzerland

family earth trek aspiring bloggers

Dawan is one of the first bloggers I worked with so I thought it would be appropriate to feature her for our first ever blogger interview! She’ll be going over the details about her life and her experiences with blogging as well as sharing any tips she has for you.

Here we go!

Meet Dawan, a blogger from

Tell us about yourself

“I am originated from Thailand but I grew up in Sweden and am now living in Switzerland with my Swiss husband, David, and my daughter, Mirabelle who is 2.5 years old.

We are a family of hikers who love adventure and traveling the world!

When we are not hiking or traveling, we are just some ordinary middle-age parents. I am a bored, stay-at-home mum while David is an engineer in solar energy.”

What is your blog about?

family earth trek aspiring bloggers

“Familyearthtrek is a blog full of hiking tips mainly in places in Switzerland and also traveling tips for all around the world. My posts are for family travelers and travelers without kids.”

When and why did you start blogging?

family earth trek aspiring bloggers

“Actually, this is my second blog. The first blog I had was in 2015-2016 and it was about being pregnant and being a first time mum and the first year of Mirabelle’s life. I will keep it a secret for her and give her it as a present later when she, herself, is pregnant.

Now my second blog is Familyearthtrek which I started at the end of 2016. I started Familyearthtrek because YES, to be honest, I wanted to get free hotel nights and perhaps earn some money?

But apart from that, I love photography and I have loads of travel photos from our around-the-world trip in 2011 and our latest 2013-2015 trip, and instead of sharing them on Facebook, I thought why not make some kind of a public travel diary a.k.a. travel blog.

If someone wants to read my blog, that would be awesome but if not, I will still continue to travel and document all about it.”

So far, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a blogger?

family earth trek aspiring bloggers

“My biggest challenge with blogging is actually my husband! First of all, he is not at all into social media. He likes to keep a low profile and having a blog is quite the contrary. Sometimes he feels like what I am writing or the pictures I use are on the posts are too personal. I have had a few arguments with him about that. Now we compromise! Secondly, he thinks I’m too obsessed with it and he is right!

My second obstacle with blogging is the writing part of it. I am not a native English speaker and I am not good with words so I am struggling with that. I am using very simple language in my post and try to let my pictures speak for themselves.”

What do you hope to learn or accomplish with your blog?

“So far what I have learned from blogging is that you spell BEing with an E and not BEEing with two E’s…lol. That was just an example. Another example is ‘of course’ is two words… right?

I also never used the program that corrects the texts until just a few weeks ago!

So, with the blog, I hope to get more readers because that makes blogging even more fun.”

How do you balance your job/life and blogging at the same time?

family earth trek aspiring bloggers

“As a stay-at-home mum to an attention-seeking and always-hungry toddler, I don’t really have much time to myself hence the horrible spelling of my text!

However, I work on my posts 5 minutes here and there whenever she is occupied with something.”

What methods do you use to bring traffic to your blog?

“What traffic? The only traffic I know about are traffic jams! Jokes aside, I do have few readers…like 30 a day! I try to promote them on Facebook groups, and other social media such as StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and Instagram.”

Are there any other tips you can offer to new bloggers?

“The only wise tip I can give to other bloggers is to read! Stephen and his posts have helped me a lot to understand certain things when it comes to blogging. The latest I learn was how to make a GIF for my latest blog post. It turned out awesome!”

We hoped you enjoyed our interview with Dawan! Visit Dawan’s blog at Family Earth Trek and follow her journey on social media:

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