Pinterest Group Boards: How to Get 15+ Invites In Just 2 Weeks

If you’re new Pinterest, it can be really difficult getting Pinterest group board invites!

I googled and read many articles on how to find Pinterest group boards and join them, but nothing worked. Everyone online suggested that I pop onto, find a relevant group board, follow the joining instructions in the board description. Using this method, I must’ve sent about 40 emails and a bunch of messages to different board owners requesting to join their Pinterest group boards.

I got 0 replies, and 0 invites.

I just couldn’t figure out why I other lots of other people with new accounts were getting group board invites while I wasn’t getting any.

At that point I thought I wasn’t getting invited to any Pinterest Group Boards because I had only 43 followers, 30 of my own pins and no reputation to back me up with. At that point, I thought to myself, “How am I supposed to get traffic from Pinterest when I can’t even get invited to any group boards?”

I was fed up with not getting results and so I decided to stop listening to other people and figure out my own strategy.

That’s when everything changed.

Aspiring Bloggers Pinterest

Only a few weeks ago, I took part in a grand total of 0 group boards.

If you visit my Pinterest account now, you’ll also notice that I’m collaborating in 15 different group boards with 400 – 20,000 followers each. UPDATE Nov 16 – I’m now part of 40 different group boards between 3000 – 60,000 followers each 🙂

Aspiring Bloggers – Group Boards

How did I do it?

Before I share with you the secret to my group board joining success, you need to first make sure that people are already consistently sharing your pins onto their group boards.

If you’re not getting many repins, you can learn my strategy for getting 728 repins in 2 weeks. The strategy helped me get up to 5500 repins on some of my blog posts 🙂

If you already have lots of repins, let’s get started!

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards to Join

Strategy 1: Request to Join Group Boards That Contain Your Pins

Tailwind has a page that tells you who pinned your pin and what board they pinned it on. You can access it by going to Monitor Your Domain > Organic Activity.

There you’ll find all the pins that link to your website, including any repins from other Pinterest users.

Alternatively, you can also check who pinned your pins by going to and replacing it with your URL at the end instead of mine.

Every day, I use this as a resource to find out which group boards my pins were repinned to and then send a convincing message to the group board owner to request an invite. Here’s a sample of what I usually write:

Hey Susan!

I noticed that one of your collaborators just pinned one of my pins onto your group board – Blogging Tips & Tricks.

I was wondering if you’re accepting new collaborators for that board. If so, I’m interested in contributing. Let me know, thanks 🙂

Why does this message format work?

Because right in the beginning of the message, I’m already giving myself credibility by mentioning that one of the collaborators of the group board already pinned one of my pins. So what’s the harm in adding me as a contributor as well? It gives little reason for the board owner to refuse my request.

Best case scenario, a group board owner pins one of your pins onto their group board. In this case, I usually replace “I noticed that one of your collaborators” with “I noticed that you.” If the board owner pins your pins, there should be absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t add you as a contributor!

This is the strategy that has gotten me invitations to 15+ different group boards in just two weeks. Some of the group boards I’m a part of now even have over 20,000 followers!

All you have to do from then on is keep repeating these steps as often as possible to get as many group board invites as you can.

Strategy 2: Find Group Boards From Similar Pinterest Accounts

Pinterest is a very popular platform so there’s a very high chance that there’s another Pinterest user who’s in the same niche as you and has similar board topics.

For this strategy, you want to find these users and try to join some of the group boards they’re currently collaborating in! Rather than searching for group boards yourself, it’s so much easier to just go through the list of group boards from an established Pinterest user.

If the user is a collaborator for 50 group boards, that means you can click into each of those group boards and send a request to collaborate for all those boards (as long as they’re relevant to you and are accepting new collaborators at the time).

Imagine all the time you’re going to save!

Here’s a sample outreach message/email you can use to message the group board owners:

Hey Bob!

I was wondering if you’re accepting new collaborators for your group board – Blogging Tips & Tricks.

I have many relevant pins that would be very useful to the followers of that board and I would love to share them! Let me know, thanks 🙂

This message format works for this strategy because group board owners love pins that are relevant and useful to their boards! Good pins increase board engagement and becomes a win for the owner.

Summary of How to Get Group Board Invites:

  • Go to and find pins that have been saved to group boards that are related to your Pinterest Account. Send a message or email to the group board collaborator and ask to join the group board with a convincing request
  • Find Pinterest accounts that are similar to yours and try to join the group boards that they’re a part of by sending an outreach message and requesting an invite

If you implement both of these group board strategies, you’ll end up getting lots and lots of group board invites! The more relevant group boards you’re a part of, the higher the potential reach you’ll get for your pins.

I now pin daily to my new group boards!

Now that I was actually a part of different group boards, whereas two weeks ago I wasn’t in any, I now am able to share my pins daily onto all 15 of the group boards I’m involved in.

Since there are a lot of followers on these group boards + the collaborators, I’m consistently getting group board invites because people like my pins and also because they notice I’m already involved in so many group boards.

What’s Next?

Once you get onto some Pinterest group boards, it’s time to take Pinterest more seriously so that you can insanely grow your blog traffic!

I highly recommend taking Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course. It’s a $47 course that pays itself off after a couple of months! Carly shows you the exact Pinterest strategy she uses to generate over 200,000 page views every month. Since enrolling in her course a few months ago, I’m now getting 350+ new followers and a super steady increase in Pinterest traffic every month. I’m a believer in her strategy! Get access to her course below:

I hope you enjoyed this post and don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and repin the image at the top. It’ll help others get more group board invites 🙂 Comments are also welcome!

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Pinterest Group Boards: How to Get 15+ Invites In Just 2 Weeks

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