How to Come Up With a Blog Name and URL

Coming up with catchy blog names can be a huge pain in the neck. Even after spending hours brainstorming and sifting through ideas, many people find it difficult to find names that perfectly captures the essence of their blogs. Even more difficult is choosing a name that’s memorable for your audience.

But not to worry! I’m here to help you shorten the your blog naming process.

Here are always tips and tricks that you can use to help you narrow down your options.

How to come up with a blog name

To come up with a blog name, all you need to do is follow these few basic principles:

  1. Decide what your blog is about
  2. Choose between personal, catchy, clever, or creative
  3. Make sure the name is short and sweet
  4. Check to see if the URL is available

1. Decide what your blog is about

You’ve got it backwards if you’re trying to figure out a name for your blog before you’ve even decided a blog topic. A good blog name needs to represent what your blog is about.

When I decided to call this blog “Aspiring Bloggers”, I already knew in advance that I was going to be writing articles that would help individuals start and grow their blogs. Aspiring Bloggers seemed like the perfect name for the purpose so I stuck with it!

If you haven’t decided what you’re going to be blogging about yet, we actually have a great article on how to choose a blog niche.

Once you know what your blog is about, naming becomes simpler. Practical blogs tend to do better with simple names, while more artistic blogs can get away with having more flowery language. If you want to create your own personal brand, can even use your own name for the name of your blog. There are many bloggers that do that today. Here are some examples:

2. Choose between catchy, clever, or creative

To choose the best name for your blog, it’s good to decide what you want the tone and voice of your blog to be like. A great way to find your tone and voice is to see what other people are doing with blogs in your chosen niche.

Let’s look at some practical examples of what I’m talking about. There are literally millions of blogs on the internet that can give you blog name ideas. For our examples, we’re going to look at some of the top pet blogs on the internet.

  • Oh My DogAs you can see, this is a very simple and mildly witty blog name. The play on words makes it easy to remember, and none of the words are more than three letters long. This name gives an immediate sense of the blog’s tone and topic and is even short enough to be fit on things like t-shirts and coffee mugs when and if it comes to merchandising.
  • Pressplay PetsAlliteration is a great way to make your name stick. It’s also effective for a wide range of tones and topics. It allows you to assume a lighthearted tone while still keeping it catchy and relevant.
  • The Conscious CatMore alliteration. As you can see, this one has an almost more serious feel compared to the first two but manages to stay memorable and on-topic.

3. Make sure the name is short and easy to read

You never see entire sentences being used as blog names because they can be difficult to remember or difficult to read. Imagine naming your blog “My Cat is Super Cute” and then having “” as your domain name.

First of all, you can barely even make out what that says. What the heck is a catissuper?

Secondly, if someone ever decides to type that name in their browser’s address bar to visit your blog directly, they may have trouble spelling it.

Short and sweet blog names not only are more appealing, but they’ll also cause you fewer headaches down the road.

4. Check to see if the domain name/URL is available

There’s nothing worse than settling for a blog name (or so you think) and then finding out that the domain name is unavailable. What ends up happening is you’ll need to find a variation of the blog name by adding something before or after it or change the name altogether.

As you’re coming up with various blog names, visit to see if the domain name is available. The availability of domain names will certainly help you narrow down your choices for blog names.

Try to aim for a .com domain name. I’m not sure why, but .com domain names just seem more legitimate than other top-level domain names such as:

  • .co
  • .info
  • .ca

And that folks, should be all you need to know in order to come up with a kick-ass blog name! Once you’ve successfully found a blog name, follow our guide to start your blog today:

How to start a blog

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