There are many factors that can lead to your hesitation of starting a blog but the most common factor is not knowing how to choose a blog niche.

Maybe you’ve read my article on 7 life-changing reasons to start a blog today but just don’t know what to write about.

When there are so many interesting topics to choose from, how can you possibly decide one single niche?

In fact, I know some people who have spent months and even years trying to decide what to write about. I also know people who’ve spent years on their blogs, only to decide they weren’t interested in writing for their blogs anymore.

My goal for this post is to try to help you decide on a blog niche that you’ll actually stick to!

1. Create a List of Things You’re Passionate About

How to Choose a Blog Niche That You'll Stick To. Blog niche ideas, blog niches that make money, blog niche ideas that make money, blog niche list.A passion can be anything that can bring you a lot of emotion whether it’s traveling around the globe, discovering the best restaurants in town, or even your journeys of parenting.

It could even be a hobby you just can’t stop talking about or thinking about.

For this first step, I want you to create a list of all the things you’re passionate about so we can start narrowing down potential blog niches for you. If you don’t know what your passions are, you can list things you really like instead.

Try using this list of popular niches as a guide to make a list of at least 5 items:

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Fashion
  3. Technology
  4. Beauty
  5. Travel
  6. Cooking/Recipes
  7. Food/Restaurant Discovery
  8. Health & Fitness/Nutrition
  9. Parenting/Mom & Dad
  10. Sports
  11. Product Reviews
  12. Life Hacks
  13. Business/Entrepreneurship
  14. Computer Science/Coding
  15. Finance/Investing/Frugality
  16. Marketing
  17. Graphic Design
  18. Web Design Tutorials
  19. Music
  20. TV Shows
  21. Your Pet(s)
  22. Animals
  23. Relationship Advice
  24. DIY or How-to’s
  25. Religion
  26. Life Hacks/Tips

Check out our full list of the types of blog niches that make money here:

100+ Blog Niches & How to Make Money From Them

Created your list? Let’s move on!

2. Create a List of Things You’re Really Good At

writing list of blog niches with laptop

To create a successful blog, you somewhat have to be an expert in your niche and that’s because you should be able to provide excellent content that can educate or entertain your audience. Without that, you’re going to have a difficult time growing your readers.

Do you have things you’re really good at?

List out all the things you’re good at or know a lot about.  You can use the list from step 1 and also these questions to help you:

  • What do you have a lot of experience with?
  • What accomplishments do you have?
  • What skills do you have that are above average?

If you’re having trouble, you can try asking some friends since sometimes they know!

3. Determine Your Commitment to Each Item You Listed

What you don’t want to happen is eventually finding out that you dislike your niche and lose the motivation to keep your blog going.

Carefully go through each item on your lists to determine if you think you’re going to be interested enough to create a blog and continuously write content for it. If not, cross it off your lists.

Ask yourself these two things for each item:

  • Is there a lot that can be written about this niche?
  • Will I eventually get tired of writing about this niche?

This step will help you visualize what it’s going to be like creating content your every item on your lists.

4. Choosing Your Blog Niche

Now it only comes down to choosing which niche you want to go ahead with! By now you should have a list of items that you can possibly create a blog for.

Here are some tips that can help you decide which one to choose:

  • Check to see if there’s any overlap between your list of passions and the list of things you’re good at. If there is, these should be your top choices for your blog.
  • Break down each niche and write down potential sub-topics and then seeing which niche has sub-topics that interest you the most.
  • Check out other blogs that are currently writing about the niches on your list to identify what inspires you the most

Now you’re ready to get started on your blog!

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it helped you discover what niche you want to blog about! To help others figure out their niche, be sure to repin the image in this post.

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How to Choose a Blog Niche That You'll Stick To. Blog niche ideas, blog niches that make money, blog niche ideas that make money, blog niche list.

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