10 Blog Title Ideas That Will Help You Get More Traffic

The titles of your blog posts make an unbelievable difference when it comes to link clicks and article shares. Since titles are what your audience sees first, a great title that’s well thought-out will bring you loads more traffic than a title that you barely spent time on.

To put it into perspective, think about all of the links you clicked on today. How many of them had eye-catching titles?

Probably all of them.

Since we’re constantly spammed by content, we have to make your blog posts stand out somehow. Blog titles are a great way to start.

Here are some blog title ideas that will help you write better titles:

Blog Title Ideas:

1) Create a title that you would click on

We pass by poorly written titles almost every day. Sometimes I personally even wonder to myself, “what were they thinking when they came up with that?”

Every time you’re crafting a new article, you have to make sure that it’s something you would want to click on yourself. Only then will you know that your post title is attractive enough to your audience.

Honestly speaking, if you wouldn’t click it, how can you expect anyone else to want to click it?

2) Spark curiosity

Curiosity is a strong feeling. We’ve all clicked on things we were curious about before and we’re most likely going to continue doing it.

curious bird article titles

If you can make someone in your target audience curious enough about your article topic, they’re bound to click to find out more!

After all, it’s in our nature to want to know what we don’t know. Just like the curious bird to the right.

For example, let’s say you’re a fitness expert and run a fitness blog. If you publish an article with the title “10 Exercises You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Entire Life”, people that see that title might wonder “Oh no, what have I been doing wrong this entire time?” and then click to find out.

Works like a charm every time!

3) Create value in your titles

In my article featuring 8 Critical Things Every Beginner Blogger Should Know, one of the things I mentioned was how on your blog, you shouldn’t focus on what you do, but what you can do for your readers.

This is especially important even in the post titles because people that see a clear benefit in clicking on a post, will more likely click on the psot.

You should always be creating value in the title and giving your audience a reason to click.

Value can be anything:

  • A guide or tutorial
  • Information
  • Entertainment
  • A giveaway or freebie

Just make sure you have something to offer in your article title and it will for sure attract more attention than a title that has no value.

4) Analyze titles from your best articles

If certain articles are doing well on your blog, there’s a good chance that the title plays a vital role in bringing traffic to those posts.

You should analyze those titles to find out why they’re doing so well compared to your other titles.

It could be something significant or it could be something small. It’s your job to use your strongest titles as an example for the other ones you write.

5) Write your article titles last if you have to

When you create a new post, I know that the first thing you see is the title box, but no one ever said you have to write your article titles first.

While most people write titles first so they can create subtopics around their title, it also works the other way around. Sometimes it’s easier to just write some things down, and then go back and craft your title afterward.

While you’re writing, more ideas will come to mind and it can make it easier for you to craft the title last.

6) Always take your time

Don’t ever rush and say “This title is good enough. I’ll just publish this post,” because good enough isn’t a title that will bring you lots of traffic to your website.

Only the most clever titles win the most traffic.

Also, you want to create your title right the first time so that you can publish your article and leave it on your blog for good without wondering if you could have done something better to grow your traffic.

7) Brainstorm for your title

Grab a pen and a piece of paper and just list down a bunch of post title ideas that you have! It’s the most effective way to get started.

When you’re making your list, be sure to keep in mind all of the tips you learned in this article, it should now be very easy for you to come with ideas for your all of your future blog posts.

Once you have a list, you can begin crossing out the ones you don’t like or use the tools mentioned in tips 1, 2, 3 to eliminate the worst ones.

8) Use Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Sharethrough Headline analyzer is a popular tool that many bloggers use to check their blog article titles before publishing.

What makes Sharethrough so great is that they use their research on neuroscience and advertising to help you create titles that capture attention, increase engagement and deliver stronger link impressions.

You can enter as many article titles as you want and it will give you a score from 0 – 100 to let you know how it sees your title. The higher the score, the more attractive your title is, theoretically.

Sharethrough’s Headline Analyzer will also give you two other scores with each title — an engagement score and an impression score.

The engagement score determines how engaging your post is based on your word choice.

The impression score determines how attention-grabbing your article title is.

9) Use Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule.com

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer is a tool that’s similar to Sharethrough’s Headline Analyzer as it also analyzes your titles and provides you with a ranking score form 0 – 100. However, CoSchedule’s Headline analyzer uses different criteria to score your titles.

Some of those criteria include:

  • How many powerful or emotional words are used
  • Number of characters and words in the title
  • What keywords are used

It’s also an excellent tool to see how you’re doing with your titles.

10) Use Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator Article Titles

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is a great tool to use when you don’t even know where to begin.

It gives you three empty fields where you can enter up to 3 nouns and then it will automatically generate 5 blog topics you can use.

Not all of the generated suggestions will make sense. Sometimes you have to rearrange the words to make it grammatically correct.

Keep in mind that HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is meant to give you ideas to build off of so that you can write your own blog titles, not write your titles for you.

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For more headline tips, check out an article Mike Giannulus wrote about statistically proven content headlines that get results.

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10 Blog Title Ideas That Will Help You Get More Traffic

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  1. This was so helpful! I had never heard of the tools you mentioned and have already gone back and improved my last two blog post titles. I plan to go through and read a lot more of your posts. I really think your blog posts can help me improve my own blog.

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