4 Reasons Why Blog Post Length Doesn’t Really Matter For SEO

You’ve probably had many different sources tell you that there’s an ideal blog post length and your blog posts should contain a minimum amount of words for a positive impact on your blog’s SEO.

Yoast says the ideal length is more than 1,000 words. Buffer says it’s around than 1,600 words. HubSpot says it’s around 2,100 words.

While they’ve all proven that blog post length certainly does matter in helping you rank for more keywords, you should know that the length of your blog posts shouldn’t always be your focus.

Sometimes you just don’t need that many words to produce a great blog post.

Here are some negative effects of focusing too much on blog post length:

1. You’ll Increase Quantity but Lose Quality

If you’ve exhausted 100% of your efforts and knowledge into writing a blog post and it reaches your word count, then great. If it doesn’t reach your word count, that’s completely okay.

Your number one priority should always be to produce high-quality blog posts that will benefit your readers and keep them happy, despite it not reaching your desired word count.

It makes absolutely no sense to write 2,000 words of nonsense when you could have easily made your point in 1,000 words or less, would you agree?

2. You’ll Weaken Your Blog Post

Writing more for the sake of meeting your word count will actually make your blog post weaker. You end up writing a bunch of filler sentences just to extend your article when there’s absolutely no reason to.

Too much unnecessary writing can make your post harder to absorb and if anything, your readers will get upset that they had to sift through so many words just to find what they were looking for.

Unsatisfied readers usually don’t usually come back.

3. You’ll Lose Time

Longer blog posts do help you rank for more keywords but so does writing more blog posts!

Rather than spending more time extending an article just to reach your word count, you could use that time to start writing a new article instead. This will increase the number of blog posts that will show up on Google and also provide more content for your readers to read when they visit your blog.

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4. You’ll Stress Yourself Out

Have you ever been required to write an essay for school that asked for a certain word or page count? If so, you probably know how stressful that experience is.

The same concept applies to blogging as well. Forcing yourself to write more words in a blog article will also cause you a lot of stress which could eventually burn you out and cause you to lose your motivation to blog.

You want to minimize your stress level to improve your productivity.

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4 Reasons Why Blog Post Length Doesn't Really Matter. Write better blog posts, blogging tips, blogging tips for beginners, blogger tips.

4 Reasons Why Blog Post Length Doesn’t Really Matter For SEO

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