11 Mistakes Most Amateur Bloggers Make

As an amateur blogger, you’re bound to make a ton of blogging mistakes. It’s just the way it is. No blogger is perfect from the start.

But not to worry, even professional bloggers still make mistakes from time to time! As long as you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them, you’ll eventually become the blogger you aspire to be.

Here are 11 of the most common mistakes amateur bloggers make:

1. Not choose the right blog niche

It’s common for amateur bloggers to choose the wrong niche when they launch their blogs. Either they didn’t think it through or didn’t know what they were getting into when they first started blogging.

What ends up happening is they end up finding out that they don’t actually enjoy writing content for their niche and then their blogs fail overall. What a waste of time.

To prevent that from happening to yourself, pick the right niche from the very start or switch over to a better niche right away. Don’t waste your time and effort on something you’re not passionate about!

2. Not investing money into their blogs

Amateur bloggers are hesitant in investing money into their blogs because they don’t want to put money into something that’s not making them money right away.

But the truth is, in order to make money, you have to spend money. If you want to eventually turn your blog into an online business, you have to treat it like one. That includes investing money in the proper blogging tools that will you earn even more in the long run. This is how successful bloggers turned their ordinary blogs into successes.

3. Jumping straight into writing

After starting a blog, amateur bloggers jump straight into writing and publishing posts without doing the things that are necessary first. These things include creating a Google Analytics account, submitting a sitemap, creating automatic backups of their sites, and more.

You need to build the proper foundation before writing posts. Make sure you take these important steps after launching your blog so that you’re on the right path to success.

4. Not focusing on quality

Focusing on quantity instead of quantity is one of the biggest amateur blogging mistakes people make. This applies to all aspects of blogging.

Whether it’s growing social media followers, getting blog traffic, or writing blog posts, amateur bloggers tend to do whatever it takes to get high numbers, even if it sacrifices quality.

Who cares if you have 100,000 followers if only 5,000 of them engage with your posts? Who cares if you have 1,000 blog visits a day when only 50 of them actually care about your content or would share your posts? Why write 10 poorly written articles when they’re just going to drive readers away?

Get the point?

You should always focus on quality because that’s what will genuinely help you grow your blog.

5. Not learning about SEO

Your blog’s SEO will determine whether or not your blog or your posts will be found on search engines like Google. Many amateur bloggers don’t know how to properly implement it or fail to implement it at all and that’s why their traffic growth is at a stall.

Learning proper SEO techniques will help you find and use the correct keywords for your posts and maximize your organic blog traffic.

Do your keyword research and your on-page and off-page SEO implementation to get yourself ranked high in Google.

6. Not posting consistently

Creating a successful blog requires hard work and dedication and that means you have to post regularly. Many amateur bloggers are too inconsistent with publishing fresh content. Sometimes they go on a posting spree but then their next post comes out a month later.

There’s no optimal time between posts but you should figure out a steady pattern so that your loyal readers will know when they can expect your next post.

Whether it’s twice a week, once a week or twice a month, make sure you’re consistent and posting regularly because you don’t want to disappoint your readers. After all, you want them to come back to your blog.

7. Not connecting with other bloggers

Many amateur bloggers don’t realize how useful a blogging network actually is. By meeting other amateur bloggers or even professional bloggers in your niche, you can collaborate, learn from one another, and help each other when you’re not feeling motivated.

That’s what’s so amazing about the blogging world. There will always be people like you that you can connect with and you don’t have to go through this journey alone.

Some of the most successful bloggers have huge networks and you should try to create one too.

8. Trying to make money without a reputation

Amateur bloggers usually try to make money right away after starting their blogs but the only problem is, they don’t have a good enough reputation yet and that’s why they’re not getting any sales.

It takes time to build a positive reputation. You can do it over time by writing great articles, replying to comments, and interacting with your audience on social media. It also helps to be honest and because readers tend to buy more from those they trust.

So, if you’re not getting too many sales, don’t worry. Just concentrate on building your reputation and your income will grow over time.

To learn more, check out my tips on earning more blog income.

9. Spamming their blogs with Google ads

Yes, Google Adsense and other Ad partnerships are an excellent way to earn some extra income, but spamming your site with them will have a negative impact on your blog. It’s just not worth it.

You might increase the chances of ad clicks by placing your ads in more places but you’ll also highly increase the risk of your readers never coming back to your site again. People (including yourself) dislike ads which is why they use ad-blockers on their browsers.

It just doesn’t make sense to lose readers just to gain an extra 50 cents at the end of the day. Ramsay from Blog Tyrant even says don’t put ads on your blog at all.

Try to keep ads to a minimum and don’t shove it in your readers’ faces. Your readers will appreciate it.

10. Using difficult-to-read fonts

There’s nothing worse than a blog that has fonts that are both difficult and unpleasant to read. This usually happens mostly with amateur bloggers because they try to find ways to be different.

There’s a reason why most novels use similar fonts; they’re proven to be easy and enjoyable to read.

Don’t sacrifice the accessibility of your readers just to be different. Here’s how to find the best font for your blog.

11. Being scared to try new things

Last but not least is a blogging mistake is one that happens way too often and prevents bloggers from succeeding.

Amateur bloggers are scared of failure. It holds them back from trying new things like introducing podcasts, creating YouTube videos, or even launching online courses. Anything that’s uncomfortable they just won’t do because they feel it’s beyond the scope of their current capabilities.

They don’t realize that at some point they will fail and that’s it’s okay to fail because the only way anyone ever grows is if they break out of their comfort zones and try new things.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope it will help you realize and fix some of your own amateur blogging mistakes!

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11 Mistakes Most Amateur Bloggers Make

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