7 Life-changing Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Today

7 Life-changing Reasons to Start a Blog Today. Why Start a Blog | Blogging Tips | Online Entrepreneur #bloggingtips

You want to start a blog but something seems to be holding you back. But don’t worry, that’s very common! Many people are afraid of starting blogs because of the amount of time that needs to be committed or the fear of failure. However, if you give it a chance, you’ll come to realize that blogging is such an exciting journey that can help you achieve many goals in your life. I believe everyone should start a blog and that’s why I compiled 7 awesome reasons why I think you should start your own self-hosted blog today.

1. It’s cheap and easy to start a blog!

It’s not hard or expensive to start a blog! You just need these three things to get started:

  • A Domain Name – The URL of your website. (ie. www.aspiringbloggers.com)
    ($14.95USD per year for most domains)
  • A Web host – (The hosting provider that will store all your blog’s files. (We recommend Siteground which is discounted to $3.95 USD per month for the first one to three years. Paid annually. Comes to $47.40 for one year)
  • Your Commitment – The time you’ll have to invest to turn your blog into a success

Learn how to start your own profitable WordPress blog in our tutorial: How to Create a Profitable WordPress Blog (2018)

2. You can make money online!

start a blog - money

This is the main reason why many individuals start a blog and then commit to it. Once your blog is established enough and draws a decent amount of traffic, you can start earning money from it. There are many bloggers out there that make a part-time to full-time income through blogging. The more time you invest in your blog, the higher your earning potential.

Here are some ways you can earn money from your blog:

Google Adsense – This program allows you to place Google ads on your site and get paid per ad click. How much you make per click depends on the ad that’s clicked but I’ve made anywhere between $0.10 to $4.00 for a single click.

Now imagine if you had thousands of visitors on your blog a day and dozens of clicks!

Affiliate Programs – These programs are essentially partnerships with different brands and companies. Once a partnership is established, you will be given special referral links called “affiliate links.”

If someone purchases a product from an affiliate link you provide in one of your articles, you will get a chunk of the sale. There is an endless number of products you can advertise for on your blog.

Endorsements – If you have enough traffic on your blog, relevant companies will endorse you to feature their products or services. Of course, these are paid endorsements to help you continue what you’re doing!

Services – You can offer your own personal services to your readers and charge them a per hour/per service basis. If you establish enough credibility with your audience through your blog, it’ll be easy to sell your services.

These are just some of the most popular ways bloggers make money through blogging. Of course, there are many other revenue-generating methods out there. You can read more about it in detail with our post about 5 Super Effective Ways to Make Money Blogging ASAP. Money doesn’t grow on trees, however, so you will have to put in the work before you can start earning.

3. You can build a reputation for yourself or your business!

start a blog

A blog is a great way to get yourself known for something unique! Since a blog is commonly an expression of the author(s) or company, you can use it as a way to build your reputation for whatever it is you’re doing. For example, if you’re a fitness trainer and you run a successful blog that features articles on how to eat healthier and achieve your dream body, you’ll probably be seen as someone who knows what they’re talking about. When you start a blog, you’re actually building your reputation through your articles and that will eventually provide you with numerous new opportunities down the road that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

4. You can educate others!

start a blog - teach and educate

If you’re passionate about a topic and want to share your expertise with an audience, blogging is definitely the way to go. Maybe you’re someone who’s really into health and fitness and you’re passionate about helping other people achieve their goals. Or maybe you have a social belief or cause that you think more people should be aware of. Whatever the reason, blogging is a great platform to teach, raise awareness, and offer advice virtually. With over 350 million blogs out there, it’s no wonder why we’re able to learn just about anything over the internet nowadays. You’ll have the opportunity to share your articles across multiple platforms on social media, or even have people find your articles organically on search engines such as Google.

5. You’ll become a much better writer!

start a blog - better writer

Not all bloggers enjoy writing for their blogs at first. Maybe because it’s time-consuming. It could also have to do with all of the essays and other writing assignments we were forced to do while in school. I’m sure you can relate. However, the more you write, the better you’ll become! Whether you’ve never really been good with words to begin or you’re pretty good already, you’ll find that your blog articles will flow smoother and attract bigger audiences as you get more experienced. Not to mention getting better at writing can be beneficial for other things in your life as well: composing emails, reports for work, and communicating through writing. All sorts of fun stuff.

6. You’ll develop a huge network!

start a blog - network

Being able to meet other bloggers in your niche is one of the greatest advantages of starting a blog. It’s an effective way of making new friends with similar aspirations. Being able to motivate each other or learn from one another is just a couple of the perks that comes with networking. As your blog grows, so will your network! Some of the people you meet might even become life-long friends because one thing you should know about blogging is that you’re never alone. There’s always going to be bloggers facing similar obstacles as you, as well as bloggers who are able to help you solve those obstacles. You can connect with other bloggers in Facebook groups, forums, and other places around the web.

7. You’ll have fun and feel rewarded!

When you first go into blogging, there’s no doubt that the struggle will be real and it will take time for your blog to grow. However, once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun! Since you get to write about anything you want, so you’ll have a huge variety of topics you can write about. Who knows, maybe you’ll make some extra side cash from your blog and you can use that towards a fun trip or activity. The rewarding part of blogging is being able to look back at all of the amazing articles you’ve written, and the people you’ve helped or inspired. Not to mention you’ll be able to backtrack through all of the comments of people thanking you for your advice, and telling you how much they love your articles. It makes the journey worth it.

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