5 Super Effective Ways to Make Money Blogging ASAP


Everyone has a different reason for starting a blog but the most common reason is to make money blogging.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to earn so much money from their blog that it eventually replaces their 9 – 5 day job? That would be the dream! (it’s my dream too)

If that becomes the case, your lifestyle would completely change. You’d have financial freedom, more time to spend with your friends and family, and you become your own boss.

Among other ways to make money from home, blogging also offers many different revenue streams. We’ll get to that later on in this post!

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How much can you earn from your blog?

Well, that depends on multiple factors!

  • How much effort and time are you willing to put into blogging?
  • What methods are you going to use for monetizing?
  • Do you have a lot of traffic on your blog?

If you barely spend time publishing new posts and promoting your blog, you probably won’t earn much money blogging. If you put in a considerable amount of time, you might be able to make a part-time income.

I can tell you that some really popular blogs even make 6,7, or even 8 figure incomes. However, to make it that far, you’d really have to put a lot of work into your blog and by that, I mean treating blogging as a full-time job.

make money blogging

Turning your blog into a money-making blog is no different from running a business. After starting a blog, you’ll have to nurture it until you gain loyal followers, and then that’s when you offer products.

No matter what, it’ll take a lot of effort to make even a dollar when you first start out.

If you stay committed to your blog and engage with your readers, it gets so much easier. As your blog traffic grows, so will your money-earning potential.

How to Make Money Blogging

Now that you’re excited, you’re probably wondering how do bloggers make money?

Here are 5 effective ways to make money from blogging:

1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are among one of the highest sources of income for most successful bloggers. They are commission-based programs offered by various companies in all industries.

When you become an affiliate, you’ll be provided with special “affiliate links” in which you can promote throughout your blog. When your readers click on those links and successfully complete transactions, you’ll be given a cut of the profit.

There are thousands of affiliate programs out there for every niche you can imagine.

For example, Aspiring Bloggers is part of Siteground’s affiliate program. Since we’re strong advocates for Siteground and consider them to be the best Web Host for new bloggers, we’re more than happy to be affiliated with them.

Siteground offers excellent commission rates shown in the following image:

siteground affiliate program make money blogging

As you can see, the more sales you make per month with Siteground’s affiliate program, the higher your commission rates. You can potentially earn $2000+ a month just by making 20 or more affiliate sales. That’s just for one affiliate program too. Imagine being an affiliate for multiple different products.

The earnings are endless. The more traffic you have, the higher the chances for conversion.

If you want to become an affiliate for different products, ShareASale is a great way to connect you with different merchants. You can apply directly to affiliate programs from their website and if you get approved, you can manage all your affiliate partnerships right on that website.


When you make affiliate sales, the money gets deposited into your ShareASale account and then you can choose whether they issue a cheque to your address or deposit directly to your bank.

You’ll find tons of affiliate programs here for many awesome brands that you love! Some even have commission payouts of up to $500. Sign up to be a part of ShareASale and start promoting brands today.

Just remember, it’s great to make money blogging, but it’s also great to keep the credibility you have with your readers. Make you only promote products you believe in and will be helpful for your readers.

As long as you have happy followers, money will come.

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2. Google Adsense

Google Adsense make money blogging

Google Adsense is the most popular ad program for bloggers. You can easily integrate it into your blog and make money blogging right away.

Using cookies—information gathered from users based on search history, Google is able to generate ads that are specifically targeted to each individual that visits your site. For example, if someone was searching for guitars recently and you have Google Adsense on your blog, they most definitely will see guitar ads on your site.

These targeted ads make it easier for you to receive clicks and revenue on your blog. Clicks will usually give you anywhere between $0.10 – $4.00 and that really depends on the ads that are being clicked. Some companies pay more for advertising with Google because of how competitive their industries are.

It doesn’t sound like a lot of money at first, but when you start getting thousands of visitors a day, you can almost quit your full-time job.

Set yourself up with a Google Adsense account here – Google Adsense Sign Up. You’ll need a Gmail account before signing up.

During the sign-up process, verification will be required. You’ll need to follow the steps to prove you own a website but don’t worry! It doesn’t take long and they’ll guide you throughout the procedure.

After signing up, you’ll have to wait a few days before they approve you. Be patient and wait for the email.

Integrating Google Adsense into your blog

Integrating the ads into your blog is easy! As long as you’re self-hosted on WordPress, you have full control of where you put the ads on your site.

After approval, Google Adsense will let you create ad codes. You can have square ads, rectangle ads, skyscraper ads, or responsive ads. Set a special name for each type of ad so you Google Analytics can track it and let you know which of your ads are most effective.

google adsense make money blogging

Once you have your ad codes, integrate them using the following methods:

Inline on Blog Posts – You can integrate them directly into your blog posts via the Quick Adsense plugin. This plugin will add ads to your posts through options that you select. You can choose to ad automatically at the beginning, middle, and end of your posts, or even after specific paragraphs. See the image below.

quick adsense make money blogging

I usually use responsive ads when using Quick Adsense, because it uses rectangle ads when my readers are on their desktops/laptops and square ads when my readers are on mobile.

With this plugin, you won’t have to manually add ads to your posts.

Via Widgets – Widgets are the different modules you see in your sidebar, footer, and sometimes header. You can add ads to your widget bars by using a text box widget and pasting the code inside. Make sure it’s in text mode and not visual mode though, otherwise you’ll see the actual ad code on your sidebar and not the ad.

Google Adsense is a great method to make money blogging, so be sure to integrate it right now!

3. Online Services

services make money blogging

Online services are another great way to make money blogging. Services can be valuable and easy for your readers to consume if you’ve already established a good reputation with your audience.

Depending on the niche you’re in, you can find specific services to sell to your readers.

Many fitness blogs offer training programs, online coaching, and diet plans. Marketing blogs offer online courses and coaching. We offer Blog Design services on this blog.

It’s up to you to decide what you want to offer as a service on your blog. Just make sure it’s relevant, and tangible to your audience and you should have no problem selling the service on your blog.

Here’s a detailed video on how to Install WooCommerce — a ecommerce plugin for WordPress so that you can start services on your site.

4. Sell Products

ecommerce sell products make money blogging

Just like services, products are also something you can sell and earn a profit from on your blog.

You can choose between creating your own physical products to sell or purchasing items from your favorite suppliers, marking up the price, and selling them.

The great thing about selling products on your blog is that your blog is the perfect compliment to your products! You can write product reviews to talk about how great your products are and convince your readers to buy.

Sarah Titus has been blogging for around 20 years now and she earned $448,422 in July 2018 by selling printables using Shopify!

Use the video in #3 to add products to your blog.

5. Sell eBooks

sell ebooks make money blogging

Lately, you’ve probably been seeing eBooks being promoted on several blogs and for one good reason: they work.

eBooks are something readers can download and take with them on the go. They can use them offline and learn from them at their own convenience.

If you spend a lot of time creating an eBook that contains valuable information, your readers actually wouldn’t mind paying a few bucks for it. In fact, they’d be delighted to pay and learn what you have to offer.

Again, the whole establishing a reputation thing comes into play here as well. To be able to sell your eBooks effectively, you will need to have a good connection with your audience—enough to make them buy your premium content.

Carly from Mommyonpurpose.com created an eBook called Pinteresting Strategies which includes the most amazing Pinterest strategy that helped her reach 200,000 page views per month and she sells it for only $32. She even created her own affiliate program and now other bloggers are promoting her eBook for her and although she doesn’t report her income, I know she’s making a ton of sales from her eBook because I see it everywhere.

If all goes well, you can make money blogging with creating your own ebook as long as it creates value for your readers, is promoted properly, and offered at a reasonable price.

That’s all for this post. Let us know in the comments if you know any super effective ways to make money blogging!

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  1. Really helpful breakdown of the different methods for monetization. Thanks very much!

    A word to newer bloggers. Google Adsense won’t allow you to set it up on your blog if it’s younger than six months old. Just gotta keep working at your content and play the waiting game!

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